• Joni Ganguzza

New Beginnings

After 67 days of leave from work, tomorrow marks a new beginning with my return to my ER job. Aside from being a mom of 7 and all the work that entails, I have worked as a Physician Assistant in an ER for the last 11 years (minus the collective year and half of maternity leaves). Since my Life was interrupted, I was given immersion training to become a mentally and spiritually stronger person. From this reflection time, I've made these 4 changes to better myself and my family going forward.

1)I no longer define my value by my income

This has been a huge challenge for me. In our society, success is often defined by the size of our paycheck. I unfortunately completely had the same definition for myself. I came to realize that although I haven't had a paycheck for the last 2 months, I am an invaluable asset to my husband and children. Yes, we need money for a roof over our heads, but my husband and kids need my physical and emotional presence in their lives more than anything. If they lost that, it would have been much worse than losing all our material goods.

2)I will be emotionally present at home

When I'm with my kids, my phone and my access to email and social media are not in my hands. Sure, maybe we turn on Alexa and sing and dance together (Gianna sings an amazing Despacito) but my focus is on them. I have realized I never know what tomorrow will bring and I need to make even the smaller moments count.

3)I start my day off with gratitude

I started Rachel Hollis' last 90 days journal which my good friend gave me when I first became ill. Every morning I write 5 new things I am grateful for. When I started writing 5 different things every day, it started having me look for the smaller gifts I have in life. When this is my mind set to start my day. it reframes my whole day to enjoy the moments of the day because I never know what tomorrow will bring.

4)Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

Perhaps I still remember a few things from my Jesuit college training 15 years ago. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam is the Latin motto of the Jesuits meaning "For the Greater Glory of God". How am I applying this to my life? Well, before I say yes to committment or an extra shift or frankly what I even blog about, I ask myself does this glorify God and the gifts and time he gave me.

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