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Beyond Flowers: 10 Valentines Gifts for Self Care

My husband John is a romantic guy. Valentines day would be a non-event for me; however, my sweet love always wants to give me chocolates, flowers, and cards. I love that the loves me and wants to shower me with gifts, but for me, gifts that enrich my soul, mind or body is much more endearing.

These are my top 10 gift ideas.

1) Shoulder and Back Heating Pad

I splurged on this for Christmas and it has been life changing. I don't have time to go get massages frequently but this heating pad makes me relax my tense shoulders every night.

2) CBD Balm

Maybe you haven't got on the CBD/Hemp Bandwagon yet, but if you have back pain or any time of ache, what do you have to lose? I like this one because it is combined with olive and rosemary oils as well.

3) The Softest Throw Blanket Ever

This is one even your kids will love. There is nothing better than this blanket when you want to curl up on cold day or you are ill or you are just stressed.

4) Personalized Vitamins

Being in your best health is paramount for self care. Have your loved one fill out this assessment and buy them a month of vitamins customized to their health needs. A month later when your loved one (or you!) have more energy or less pain you won't regret it. There are a few brands out there, but I prefer ID Life since it backs its algorithms with thousands of scientific journal articles and the vitamins are pharmaceutical grade.

5)Diva Detergent

I know what you are thinking. Thirty bucks for a half gallon of laundry detergent? Yes, but this is for your self care. You know the feeling when you lay down to sleep on freshly laundered sheets, well launder your sheets with this detergent and you won't regret it.

6) The Most Comfortable Yoga/Lounge around your house/go to the grocery store Pants

These are my go to pants. Under $30, multiple colors, have pockets, durable and I wear them everywhere.

7) Meditation App or Class

One of the biggest changes I made in my life was meditating daily. It is something I do outside of regular prayer and really helps me focus on what is most important to me. I love the Simple Habit App from Itunes.

8) Light therapy Lamp

Where was this lamp when I was in college where it snowed??? Some people love winter, but Seasonal Affective Disorder where people get pretty down from less sun light is a real thing. These lights help your body get into a more normal circadian rhythm and can lift someone out of the blues that gets affected mentally by winter time.

9) Power Word Necklace

Each year I pick a word that has special meaning to me to inspire me. "Unstoppable" has been my word the last 5 months after going through my health ordeal. Some people use the word "Big", "Creative", "Warrior", "Unapologetic", "Unstoppable" to inspire them. Find out what your loved ones word is and have it custom made on a necklace.

10) Hydroflask

I have like 10 different water bottles but this one has been a game changer. Super high quality, if I filled it up with ice today it would still be cold tomorrow, and if you are drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water per day that is HUGE for self care.

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