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5 Tips for a Stress Free Morning Routine

Do you absolutely dread that one hour of morning between your kids waking up and getting them off to school? Is it met with tears, frustration, missed buses and tardy notes? What may improve your life drastically, is a morning routine. I get asked ALL.THE.TIME how do you do (mornings, bed time, dinner, church...fill in the blank) with 7 kids? The answer to every single one of those questions is having a routine that we seldom deviate from which leads us to a Stress Free Morning.

Here are my top 5 tips that have lead to us never missing a bus or having a tardy note in 6 years.

1) Your Morning Starts the Night Before

We do as much as we can for the next day the night before. That means lunches are made, snacks are packed, water bottles are filled, homework is done and clothes are picked out for the next day. Just these tasks probably consume 30-45 minutes the night before so taking that time off your precious minutes in the morning is a huge help.

2) Your Day Starts Before your Kids

My attitude typically sets the tone for our whole house. If I am a frantic mess in the morning, so are my kids. If I am Stress Free, so are my kids. I typically wake up 1 to 1.5 hour before my kids so I have it together. I get out my Rachel Hollis Start Today Journal - write down my gratitude and goals, pray and exercise. When I start my day with my best intentions going forward, I can set my kids up for that as well.

3) Stick to a Routine

Do your best to not deviate from your routine. If your child is supposed to walk or take the bus and you offer to drive him in on days he is moving to slowly or not getting ready fast enough, your child will know that they run the show and they have that out to get another way to school if they aren't moving fast enough. Obviously there are exceptions to this with illness or an occasional late night for a special event, but on the norm, keep to the routine so your kid doesn't think there is another option.

4)Keep Breakfast Simple

Unless Mom got up exceptionally early to make a big breakfast, we keep school day morning breakfast simple - a piece of fruit and something quick and easy to eat that the kids can prepare themselves (i.e. microwave oatmeal, premade pancakes, muffins)

5) End with a hug and I love you

Don't overlook this last step. I know this may seem morbid, but after my illness, I've come to the conclusion that all we really have is today because we never know what tomorrow will bring. I went into work dizzy one day and didn't come home for 2 weeks. I want the last impression I always leave on my kids is one of unconditional love. Sure, one of my kids is always the last one out the door and I have to hurry her along multiple times which can be frustrating or sometimes one of them will argue with me about getting out of bed in the morning but when they leave, I always end with the reassurance they are loved.

What are your tips for school day mornings?

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