• Joni Ganguzza

4 Ways You Can Support Our Frontline Heroes

Like many of you, the part of me that wants to give and help during a crisis feels muted by knowing that the best thing I can do is to stay home. This is especially difficult for me since I have been a Physician Assistant in the ER for the last 12 years and the last 2.5 months I have not been able to work secondary to chemotherapy and some ongoing neurological issues from my autoimmune illness. I feel like all my friends and colleagues got called to war and I can't go.

I read their posts, I listen to them on the phone, I hear their worries and frustrations and all I want to do is to be there at their side. Many of you who do not work in medicine feel the exact same way. So the next best thing we can do is find ways to support them from our couch.

Here are 4 simply ways that are meaningful and impactful to help them:

1) Save Their Ears

Facemasks hurt your ears after wearing them for an hour or two. My colleagues are wearing them for 12 straight hours. It is uncomfortable to wear protective gear all day and especially painful on their ears. If you can sew a button, you can help. Buy running headbands from amazon or the grocery store, sew large buttons on it right above the ears. My OR friends would love surgical caps with buttons on. If you can sew, here is a tutorial on how to do it.

My personal goal is to get 500-1000 of these donated to my local hospital. Message me if you are able to donate and I will get them to the right people or if you know a medical professional in your area, message them and ask if you could donate these.

2)Feed them

Having hot food catered to a unit at the hospital is such a welcomed blessing. It will help a local restaurant and it improves morale in the hospital. Call your local ER and see if you can have a meal catered. If you are a Houston neighbor, message me and I'll put you in touch with the right people.

3) Protect them

Vitamins D3, C, Zinc and Antioxidants increase your immunity. The problem? These are sold out everywhere and ones you can get are often not 3rd party tested or they are made from synthetic sources. ID Life is doing a Buy One Give One special for the next week on their pharmaceutical grade, 3rd party tested Immune Support Vitamins. For the price of 1 box, they will send you two. You can keep one for you and give one to a frontline hero or someone that is at higher risk of complications. You could donate both boxes to healthcare workers. My goal is to get 50 boxes donated this week. 100% of my proceeds from these will be used to buy headbands and buttons, buy additional vitamins to donate and cater food to the ER. If you simply want to donate boxes and don't have someone in your life to donate to, message me for details on how to donate.

4) Pray for them

God is our great physician. Pray for the protection of our healthcare heroes. Pray for an end to this pandemic. Politics aside, pray for our nation to find ways to best support our heroes.

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